Next Gen Consoles vs PC?

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Depends on what you want to play, and to a lesser extent, what your budget is.

At release, the PS4 or Xbox One will probably cost about $400 to $500, but that’s because Sony and Microsoft are willing to lose money on each console they sell in return for making $20-30 from every game you buy. Even now, Sony and Microsoft only make a few bucks from selling PS3 or Xbox 360 consoles. The majority of their revenue still comes from the licensing fee they make from every PS3 or Xbox 360 game that is sold.

A comparable PC will probably cost between $1500-2000. This is because PC makers have to make a profit on their hardware, and also, your PC needs more horsepower because it’s running a full operating system in addition to your game whereas a game console just runs your game and not much else.

Going forward, the PC will have the better graphics if you’re willing to pay for the higher end graphics card. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 you can buy today has the exact same performance specs as the very first Xbox 360 sold back in 2005. So if graphics are really important to you, buy a PC, and save up for those upgrades.

In terms of games, if this generation is any indication, we’ll see even more titles released across all 3 platforms but exclusives will still exist, such as Forza for the Xbox One, or the next Killzone for the PS3. The PC has its own exclusives as well. So at this point it’s a matter of where are the games you want to play, and if you had a choice between console or PC, do you have a preference?